Monday, November 10, 2008

We reached double digits for the first time in the One More Mile Challenge today. It is day 10. I think this next week is when things will really start to get interesting. Running 10+ miles every day of the week won't be an easy task with everyday obligations getting in the way. We still have 8 in the game (Ed dropped at 5 to tapper for Pinhoti, which I am still waiting to hear how he did!!)

I think this challenge has really helped my running so far. I didn't feel so great the first 6 days. despite the fact that we were running short mileage, I hadn't been running consistently and I just felt out of wack. The past four days have been much better and I've found a pretty good groove. I hope I am just hitting my stride and not my peak.

I had a couple good runs in mt. Airy this weekend. My run today was split into two parts. I ran 6 in the morning (5 miles running at right under 8:00 pace, and one mile walk.) then I went back to the rec after work and ran 4 more miles at about 7:45 pace. My legs felt stiff after this mornings run, but they loosened up once I started running tonight.

Tomorrow will be a tough one for me. The rec center will be closed so I will be forced to get in my 11 miles out in the cold and dark, either early in the morning or at night.

Don't forget we're still looking for extra donations to go to NAMI (National Alliance of Mental Illness) and the charity chosen by the winner of the challenge. If you feel like making a contribution to our pot let Mike or I know. Here is the link to the One More Mile Challenge blog
One...More...Mile! Challenge Feel free to follow along and offer words of encouragment in the comment section.


Mike said...



I think you are capable of making it to ultra distance...

:) no pressure

(you better do it!)

Clara said...

Dangit! I wish I wouldn't have skimmed through the rules back in October because I would have joined the challenge. I won't be motivated to try to do it on my own now. Dangit. Have fun and hopefully you'll try this out again soon!

Maybe if it's too hard for everyone the next challenge can be to add .5 miles each day???