Monday, December 3, 2007

Tecumseh Trail Marathon Race Report

I drove out to Indiana on Friday night and stayed with some FUN and FAST runners from the Buffalo running club in Central Illinois. This was my second time running Tecumseh so I knew what I was up against, but that doesn't mean I was smart enough to learn from it. I felt good going into the race but I was only 6 days removed from a Trail 50K PR performance in Georgia so I didn't really no what to expect. I pushed the pace early on with an ambitious goal of sub four hours. My pace worked for the first 1/4 of the race. I was running just under 9 minute miles, but I was already wasted with no chance of maintaining anything remotely close to a sub 4 pace. After all, this is a tough marathon course with 3,500 feet of gain. I was talking to one guy during the race about ultras. He said this was his 3rd time running Tecumseh but he didn't think he could finish a 50k, if you can finish this marathon, there are plenty of 50k's you can finish. I backed off big time after that and started walking the hills and taking it easy. The middle part of the race was slow but steady, trying to recover from the unmaintainable pace I subjected myself to the first 6.5 miles. By mile 21 I got my second wind and was able to pound the last 5 miles around a 9 minute pace again. I passed a boat load of people in the last 5 miles, at least 20. It's always nice when your the one passing people rather than being the pissed off runner getting smoked. I came to the finish line in 4:39, a lot slower than I would have liked, but better than last year by 15 minutes.
The race had good organization, volunteers and aid stations. It had an ultra feel to it, although it was a large trail race with nearly 500 entrants. Not much else to report about this race. I started off to fast on tired legs and paid for it, it happens.

a HUGE congrats to Marla (what else is new!) For an awesome performance and another win! Beating over 100 talented women in the process with a time of 3:47! I don't like getting chicked but if it has to happen I'm glad it's by someone as fast and cool as her :)


Anonymous said...

Nice. I am guessing that at some point in the middle of the race I was closing the gap on you a bit. The difference is I had my worst miles from 21 in, and you sound like you let it hang out loose and fast....

Nick said...

I thought Indiana was flat?
And since when was 3,500 feet of gain a problem for you?

At this time of the night, I really like to harass people...

Great to read about another finished race.

Josh said...


I bet at mile 21 you couldn't have been more than a couple minutes behind me.


Most of it is flat but go run the 50 miler at DWD in Gnaw Bone Indiana and till me if thats flat! lol. OK so maybe 3500 feet isn't a boat load of gain, but it's enough for me to make excuses about, lol.
I don't mind the harassment.

Billy said...

Josh, if you want another nice run this weekend try out the Otter Creek Trail Marathon. Great course and quite scenic. By the way, it is not nearly as difficult as running in Jefferson Forest where the Lovin the Hills race is held.

tony said...

15 minutes faster than last year and a fast & strong finish... not too shabby!! You should feel good about this race. Hope the lower leg pains are doing better.

Josh said...


I would run Otter Creek if it were on Saturday. I know a 2 year old that wouldn't be very pleased with her uncle if he missed her birthday party!!


you're right. there were some positivies in this race. The leg is doing ok, it only hurts when I run fast.

Anonymous said...