Sunday, August 9, 2009

I planned on doing a 2 mile warm up then the tabata workout I read about in trail running, and know about from crossfit, but the 2 miler turned into a little more than a warm up and the tabata kicked my butt!!

2 miles in vibrams, 7:07, 6:49

the tabata workout consists of 20 seconds of sprinting 10 seconds rest, repeated for 4 minutes, a total of 8 20 second sprints. Try it, it's tough. real tough. But according to a study which I can't site off the top of my head it produces tremendous results in a short amount of time (the study was 6 weeks), increasing both aerobic and anerobic capacity.

Friday, August 7, 2009

6.25 miles, 7:04 pace, vibrams

Ran a 10k plus a little today on the dirt track in vibrams, felt strong, working on speeding up my cadence.

Elkhorn 50 mile Race Report (kind of)

Well I started the Elkhorn 50 miler in the Elkhorn mountains outside of Helena, Montana. The first 15 miles went very well I was running strong, going faster than I should have been for a 50 miler with 12,000 feet of gain, but all was going well. Then I took a wrong turn, before I knew it was wondering through cow pastures, jumping over fences, climbing under fences, walking up on an empty cabin in the middle of the woods, getting starred down by large angry cows that were standing in between myself and the road I though I need to go down, climbing hills to get a better look around, then wading through a forest of lodge pole pines and jumping over dead trees while being shot at (only partially joking here) until I final found my way back to the start/finish after 3 hours of wandering off course. An adventure for sure!

Not a big deal though. I realized at about mile 10 that a hilly 50 miler isn't the best training for the flat 100 miler I have coming up anyway.