Sunday, February 11, 2007

Last Chance for Boston - Race Report

26.2 Miles, 4:18

Well I missed my last chance to qualify for Boston by 1:08.....That's hours not minutes, ha. It was cold out this morning, really cold. After running the first mile I wasn't sure I was going to finish this race. I put on an extra coat and just started plugging away. I got warmer after a couple miles and the icicles on my eyelashes went away. This race is in a business park, a one mile loop repeated 26 times. Not my first choice for a race, but when you live in the Midwest in February you take what you can get. There weren't too many spectators out today because of the weather, but the people that were their were really Great! You could always count on someone cheering you on twice a mile, I'd say that's pretty good.
The loop was very flat. The combination a of flat paved course has never been a good one for me. It helps your time but your legs really fell it when you are done. to help break up the constant rhythm I did some high knees and but kicks every other mile. I think it really helped. I ended up with a PR which was kind of weird. I lost my watch early this week and I was just running this for training so I didn't pay much attention to my pace. I ran the last five miles with my friend mark, who I first talked to on a message board and meet for the first time today. We really helped each other out at the end of the race. He finished one lap ahead of me. I finished in a time of 4:18 and some seconds. Besting my PR from the towpath marathon of 4:19. These were both very flat courses but they were not similar runs for me.
After the towpath I practically collapsed at the finish and couldn't get off my back for about 2 hours. people would come up and ask me if I was OK as I lay lifelessly on the grass. After this race I felt good. My legs were a little tight from the constant flatness, but I was walking and breathing well. I guess I am doing something right in my training. I didn't run any extra miles as I thought I might. I thought about it but it was damn cold, I called it a day. Congrats also to Kim, who I meet for the first time today! I know she wasn't too far behind me, and she was looking strong.

Total weekly Mileage: 58


Kim said...

My legs really felt it after this!!
Congrats on your PR, way to go in this cold!
I didn't warm up for about 10 miles. I also missed my BQ by around 1 hour 10 minutes!
Nice to meet you, hopefully you can make it up to Mohican for some training runs!

Rob "Buckeye" Powell said...

I have been flat on my back after races and only tell people I am bird watching. LOL Great race.

Josh said...


Thats a good one. I might be using that one after LBL, ha.

Anonymous said...


I have just realized I am home for both May marathons in Ohio this year. I plan on running both. Are you running the Flying Pig in Cincy May 6th? I hope to see you there. If I come down the day before maybe I can even visit you.

I had another great run this week in the wilderness that I can't put on my blog, but if you give me your email, I will send you seperate blog type report that I have written with pictures. I did somewhere between 16-18 miles and it was a blast. You will understand why I can't blog it if I email it to ya.


(ps - my email is