Sunday, August 9, 2009

I planned on doing a 2 mile warm up then the tabata workout I read about in trail running, and know about from crossfit, but the 2 miler turned into a little more than a warm up and the tabata kicked my butt!!

2 miles in vibrams, 7:07, 6:49

the tabata workout consists of 20 seconds of sprinting 10 seconds rest, repeated for 4 minutes, a total of 8 20 second sprints. Try it, it's tough. real tough. But according to a study which I can't site off the top of my head it produces tremendous results in a short amount of time (the study was 6 weeks), increasing both aerobic and anerobic capacity.

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Anonymous said...

Dude - it's rough ain't it?

I resorted the first time to doing 4, then a break, then 2, a break, then 2. My goal Tuesday will be minimum 5, but hopefully 6 without needing a break to slow my heart rate. We shall see.

I did a weak 2 miler today (finished good though) and a few pushups. Not much to speak of. Hopefully I can do a double and get another 2-3 in tonight with some other kind of added workout like curls or something.