Wednesday, July 16, 2008

3 miles, easy pace, track, sinisters
8:27, 8:27, 8:24

I did some lake kayaking tonight. 54 minutes at a pretty hard pace. Last week this same route took me 58 minutes. I used a longer paddle stroke which made the boat track better but it also used a little more arm strength.

After that I went to the track for a short, easy run. I mostly just wanted to get my muscles warmed up so I could get in a good stretch. I am really inflexible, and am going to try and work on that a bit. I've worked on stretch in the past, but I usually get sidetracked and stop doing it after awhile.

There were a couple young kids walking around the track while I was running. they would watch me as I ran by. As they walked by while I was stretching one of the kids asked with a certain amount of excitement in his voice "are you a tri-athlete?"
"No, I'm just a runner." I said.
"Oh." He replied with disappointment in his voice.
Gee, I guess tri-athletes get all the glory. Can't us runners get any respect? lol.


Nick said...

I've gotten the same thing after I ran my first few marathons. Someone in my family asked me if I was planning on running Boston. I laughed and said I wasn't ever going to be fast enough to run Boston. I then heard a disappointing "Oh, Then why are you running marathons then”?
It was like I deflated their balloon or something.

Don: said...

I find it hard to believe that you are inflexible. Being so young.
Have you used Flex band for stretching. I have the CC runners use them for stretching. Of course if they become to inflexible attitude wise 15 hills do just fine.

I tell them I am training for the triathlon. I run marathons as 1/3 of my training. However, I leave out the part of not doing the other 2/3 of the training: Bike & Swim.

Josh said...


well, if you can't run Boston why would you run at all? :) Boston can suck my big toe!


Very inflexible. I can't even sit Indian style with discomfort because of hip inflexibility, and I can't even come within six inches of touching my toes while in a straight hang. 15 hills? Yep, that should do the trick ;) I'll use you're advice next time. "are you a tri-athelte?"
"Damn straight, I won IM Hawaii a few time."

Nick said...

Yeah, I agree Josh. –Boston Marathon High and Mighty.

I've even ran into snobby people who have ran Boston and were disappointed to hear I am not fast enough to run it. I’ve conceded to the fact that I will never be good enough to drink from the Holy Grail.