Sunday, July 20, 2008

I went down to my parents house today and took the bike so I could get a ride in. They live on a farm in Kentucky, which means plenty of back country roads with little traffic. This ride was infinitely better than my ride on the crowded streets yesterday. There is some really nice countryside and very hilly terrain to keep the quads burning and the heart rate up. I biked 14 miles in 1:09.

When I got home I went to the track and ran three miles. My quads were dead from the short bike ride, and the first 3/4 mile was a real challenge. I loosened up a bit after that and things went relatively smooth.
7:56, 7:51, 7:35 Total time: 23:23


Faithful Soles said...

Josh, I grew up in the Carolinas and have spent time in Kentucky and the landscape there is beautiful. Nice job on the negative split of the run after the bike.

Liz said...

haha, triathletes dont get all the glory i think runners do...esp you ultra runners. this is a typical senerio in the running store...

peron:"hi. i need to talk to an expert"
me: "OK what can i help you with?"
person: "are you a runner?"
me: "yes"
person: "have you ever,like, run a marathon or something?"
me: "yeah sometimes"
person: "have you hear of the people that run further? can you do that?"
me: "i wish"

Nick said...

Sorry Josh not to Hi-Jack your Blog, but Liz, come on. You would be a great Ultra Runner.
I am thinking a trail 50k is in your future?.?.?.

Josh, I rode through heavy traffic the other day and thought I was going to get killed. Country roads are much nicer.