Thursday, June 18, 2009

I hiked/ran up to Mt. Baldy then ran back down. Total time was 1:57 total distance is around 8 miles. It's about a 3000 foot gain in 4 miles.

From bottom to "m" (2 miles) : 20:38
M to first peak : 22:56
first peak to Mt. Baldy: 32:00
Mt. Baldy to M: 23:32
M to bottom (2 miles) :11:49

Mt. Baldy is part of the Bridger Mountain range, which is a few mile north of downtown Bozeman. The Bridgers contain 8 peaks the highest being Sacagawea peak at 9665 feet. The range spans 20 miles and has trails all the way from one side to the other, including other trails that go troughout the range. It's a trail runners dream to have something like that in your back yard. I plan on getting to know it very well this summer.

I felt much better about todays trip up this trail than the one I did last week. I felt stronger, and had a lot more confidence on the down hill sections, although I did take a pretty hard spill on the last two mile section while running around a 6 minute pace. But I executed a nice tuck and roll and came away with only a few flesh wounds. I'm looking forward to Old Gabe 50k next weekend. It might be more than I can handle right now, but it will be fun, plus there's a 12 hour cut off.


Luc said...

Sounds like a cool hike/run indeed. Nice tuck and roll move at the end. :) That had to be some pretty quick reflexes at that pace!!

Hey we missed you out there this weekend at Mo. I DNF'd @ 38 miles. :( However, I ran into a Ed a few times and he asked if I would be saving him this year. I said "I better not be!!" :)

Good luck on your 50k next weekend. You're gonna kick butt!

Anonymous said...

Hey Josh:

I saw a photo of you on FaceBook and when I was looking at it I was wondering, "who is that mountain man in a Stone Steps shirt?" Then I realized it was you!!!! You are looking very...Montana-like.

Hey. Have you met Nikki Kimble yet? I understand she is a PT, so you may want to injure yourself so that you can get an introduction.

I am in the middle of reading "Born to Run". You would love it. It may be convincing me to give the Vibrums a try.

I've not run a step since Feb 15 because of heart issues. But, all is looking better and I am hoping to start again in a few weeks.

Happy trails,