Friday, June 12, 2009

I ran 2.5 miles yesterday and 2 miles today all in Vibrams. Yesterdays run was a mix of road and sidewalk, while today was a dirt track. Both runs were at around 8 minute mile pace. My calves are sore, mostly I think from the run up Mt. Helena on Wednesday, but my quads feel good as does the rest of the body. I feel optimistic about my upcoming ultra training. I feel fresh, not to be mistaken for in shape or trained, but fresh and new. I don't think it will help me much in my up coming race, but after that I think things will start to roll along.

I'm going to Glacier National Park this weekend for some hiking and camping, and hopefully I'll do some running also. My camera doesn't really work anymore, but I'm sure someone else will take pictures, so hopefully I can post some of them.

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Mike said...

dude, it is nice to be hearing a little more from you. are you ever moving back to buckeye?