Saturday, August 25, 2007

17.5 miles, trails, 12:40 pace (including all breaks)

I got an e-mail from Bill last night telling me there was a group running at MAF Saturday morning at 8am. I was already planning to go out there sometime today so I was happy to tag along. I met Bill, Bob, Brian and Dan at the oval at 8 to start our run of the stone steps course. We all have races in the near future, some closer than others, so we were getting in some good trail miles. Bob and Brian will be heading to San Diego in October for the San Diego 100, which has been rerouted due to threat of forest fires. Bill is headed to Idaho for the Bear 100 at the end of September and Dan is going to Colorado in three weeks for the Run Rabbit Run 50 miler. We had a good run and I really enjoyed running with these guys, all accomplished ultrarunners with experience and all around good guys.


Addy said...

glad you had such a nice run with fellow ultra studs. Seems like you all have ambitious races ahead of you!

tony said...

Great to hear you are recovered and running well Josh... I've been out of the loop, as I was out west.