Thursday, August 2, 2007

Here I go again...I leave tomorrow morning for Mike's house, and my attempt at 100 miler number 2! I will be taking nothing for granted this weekend as I witnessed two experienced 100 mile running friends dnf on there second attempt for 100 at Mohican! My goal for this race isn't necessarily to run faster than Mo, but I want to run more consistently and feel better at the end, meaning figuring out my blister problem. I will be going for 27 hour pace the first half of the race, then either maintaining that, or slowing down depending on how I fell.

on a side note: I just saw a mouse run across my kitchen floor! I blame Addy for this! see her blog and you will understand : )


Rob "Buckeye" Powell said...

Go Josh!

You will run a smart race and I will see you at the finsih to compare buckles!

Addy said...

"how I fell" <--it's not good planning to fall before the race even starts ;)

Have such a wonderful time out there! Hope this second try helps you figure out some stuff that didn't work as well the first time and that you have a great race!

(and on the note of the mouse, I guess my mouse's heaven wasn't some cloud in the sky, but is apparently cincinatti ;) )

Jamie said...

Good luck this weekend. Nice to see so many of you young'uns getting into the sport. :-)

Amy said...

I found your blog through CRN and was amazed at your goal in your sidebar - 100 ultra's. Good luck on #2.

E-Speed said...

Josh, you did great this weekend! I hope you are enjoying the recovery now and made it home safely!