Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Total miles: 8.5 Total time 1:25

2 mile warm-up: 8:30 pace
400 meter walk
1 mile repeat: 6:52
400 meter walk
1 mile repeat: 6:48
400 meter walk
800 meter repeat: 3:16
400 meter walk
800 meter repeat: 3:08
400 meter walk
2 mile cool-down: 9:03 pace
400 meter walk

Since the Flying Pig Marathon at the beginning of May I can probably count on one hand the number of sub 9 minute miles I have run. I have also had trouble getting back into my morning workout routine I was in before BR. So today I thought I would kill to birds with one stone, a morning speed workout. It was tough going, and I was definitely reminded of the fact I haven't done any speed work in months. I am going to try to incorporate a speed workout once a week. I think the increased leg turnover will help me in the later stages of long races, not necessarily making me faster, but allowing me to run smoother for longer.


Mike said...

Nice speed work. I know why you are REALLY doing it.

Josh said...


It's not a secret :) I'm keeping you in my sights.