Friday, August 31, 2007

5 miles, 11:10 pace, Trails

My work schedule this week didn't allow me to do any running. I am in my taper for Plain so it could have been worse timing, but there is a big difference between tapering and not running at all! I have found that whenever I go 2 or 3 days without running a start to get sick. This week was no different. It started with a headache on Tuesday, then progressed into a cold Wednesday. My run today was a good one. I was able to keep a good pace at a comfortable effort level. I plan to run about 20 miles spread out during the holiday weekend.
Only 7 days left until Plain! I really need to study those maps and figure out what I will be carrying with me in my pack and what I will have stashed in the drop bag area at mile 55.

Here is the list of the 33 runners. I am lucky number 7. Will there be live online tracking? They don't even have aid stations, what do you think? lol.

RUN# Sex Last-Named First Name
1 M Abbs Alan
2 F Anderson-Abbs Beverley
3 M Ballard James
4 F Berman Melissa
5 M Bostad Shawn
6 M Crockett Davy
7 M Dillingham Josh
8 M Elsbernd David
9 M Englund Tim
10 M Escobar Luis
11 M Goggins David
12 M Graham Jove
13 M Gruenewald Ray
14 M Hester Robert
15 M Holmes Todd
16 M Huff Jeff
17 M Jackson Tom
18 M Jegerlehner Beat
19 M Johnson Eric
20 M Kieffer Dimitri
21 F Lang Kathie
22 F Lawson Shawn
23 M Lee Joe
24 F Maislen Michelle
50 M Martineau Arthur
25 M Masterson James
26 M McIlvenna Ian
27 M Michel Roger
28 M Mignery Les
29 M Rogers Glenn
30 M Simms Matthew
31 M Stroh Tim
32 M Updegrove Jim
33 M Varner James


Anonymous said...

Josh. A guy who regularly posts on the Runners World Trail Running forum who goes by joerunner will be running the Plain next weekend too. He is from Portland and has been training for this for the past year. He might have some suggestions of what he is planning for the drop bag and what he is carrying. Just a thought. We will be running at MAF at 7 am on Monday. I will be thinking of you while I run the DWD in Hell next Saturday.

Happy trails,


Addy said...

This is going to be such an awesome race :D I'm so excited for you! Some good names on that list as well. And 7 has always been my favorite number, I think it's a good sign! Sorry you've been a bit sick, but hopefully doing a few more runs will make you better :)

Josh said...


Thanks for the info, I will search around on the runnersworld forum for this guy. I heard about the Stone Steps training run on Monday. I will probably show up to do one big and one small loop. I really wish I could do DWD Hell, it was my first ultra. Are you guys doing another relay or are you attacking this one solo?


I am so ready for this race (or at least that is what I am going to tell myself.) It is going to be my biggest challenge yet. I am glad you have luck with the number 7, I hope that rubs off on me too! I think a few more runs will be just what the doctor ordered :)

Mike said...

I can't wait to hear about it Josh! And I have been wondering what happened to you...I just figured it was some hot new girlfriend or something and you were "tied up."

Kim said...

Hmmph. Guess this means you won't be running the Groundhog 50K with us. Of course you're a big stud 100 miler runner,a 50K would just be a recovery run for you now!

Rest up this week!!

runbillygoat said...


Best of luck. Hydrate and take more calories than you think you need. I learned that the hard way. It is a different ball game without aid stations. Keep moving, don't stop, take good mental notes, it's on my to-do list. You need a trail name
Think of one for yourself or I will do it for you and I promise it will stick. WAHOO, Plain 100 Enjoy the trail time.

Bill Losey

Josh said...


Thanks for the advice, Bill! I will try to come back with a full memory bank. I might even take picture of turns and what not, because if I don't finish it this year, you can bet I'll be back.
a trail name would be sweet, but I can't think of anything catchy.