Saturday, April 26, 2008

according to Kim and Rob, my old brittle bones just can't stand running anymore, so I decided to go for a bike ride after my run. I rode for 52 minutes and 10 miles. I bought this bike last year because I eventually plan on doing an iron man. This was the first time I've ridden it since the week I bought it. I just never got around to riding it, I would always run instead.

So I took it to Mt. Airy Forest today and went for a ride on the roads, which I had never seen most of because I'm always running on the trails. It was fun! You can cover so much distance on a bike in such a short amount of time, it's amazing! Bikes are much more complicated now than they used to be, or maybe I was just that much smart when I was 6 years old than I am now.

I still haven't totally figured out the gear switching thing. there are four different levers. I know, for the most part, which levers shift up and which sift down, but it seems like they shift differently every time I flip the lever. And sometimes it's really jerky when I switch gears, my bike wasn't cheap (at least for me) , so it shouldn't be an issue of quality.

Nonetheless, I did enjoy my ride. It was fun to feel the wind rushing by as I pedaled down a hill. I hit 25 mph once, that was my limit. I don't mind going 25 mph in a car, but when there's nothing between you and all the many things you can run into or stumble over, it's different. Hopefully I'll start riding it more often.

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