Sunday, April 27, 2008

Bike: 14 miles, 58 minutes

Went for another bike ride in the evening on the little Miami bike path. It's a 72 mile path that connects Springfield to Milford. in the last mile of my run I saw a deer on the bike path. At first I slowed down as I approached because I didn't know if she would get sacred. she looked at me but didn't seem to mind my presents. As I got closer she took off, running down the trail. I figured she wanted to play so I chased after her. after about 5 seconds she stopped running. there are wooded areas on both sides of the bike path. First, Ms. Deer, who was just a youngin, maybe three feet tall, looked right, then she looked left, where there was a 5 foot wooden fence. I figured she would scurry off into the woods on the right, but standing on the left side of the path, from a standstill, she cleared the five foot fence in a single bound, it was badass.

Here's a picture of one of the pizzas I made this weekend. It took me four attempts but I finally got the crust right, it was gooood.