Monday, January 29, 2007

No time to waste

5 Miles total

2 miles at 10 min pace

1 mile at 8 min pace

1 mile at 7 min pace

1 mile of walking in between running miles

It was important for me to get in some kind of running today. I have been getting better recovering after my races. just a few races ago I wouldn't even be able to walk normal at this point (two days after the run) But after reading the book "ChiRunning" and with more training I am now able to walk normal with minimal soreness the next day after a race. although I was not sore today my quads were still VERY tired. I tried to work out after two days after my 50k two weeks ago with disastrous results. I made it about to laps around the indoor track before I realized it wasn't happening. Today was better. I again went to the indoor track, which is not a place a really like to run but I knew I wouldn't be able to complete my normal weekday 10 mile course. In all I was happy with today's run, the only problem I had was with my damn toe nail on my big toe of my right foot. The side of my toe nail is digging into my skin whenever my foot strikes the ground. It is annoying how something so small and insignificant can be such a burden!

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