Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Total: 13.1 miles

I was supposed to do a 5 mile speed workout after class tonight, but all I could think about today was how I didn't get in the 10 miler yesterday that I wanted. So I did what any obsessed run would do, I skipped class and made up the miles! Its funny how guilty I feel after not completing or skipping a work out, but I have no problem at all skipping class. That characteristic is probably a lot better for my running than it is my academic career, but oh well. I feel better after a run than I do after class anyway. I ran at about a 10 min. pace. It was pretty comfortable. The weather was about 25 degrees when I started, so it was much warmer than yesterday. my legs are almost full recovered from this weekends race. Since I have been running 50K I can't seem to run more than 10 miles without craving solid food. I guess I will have to start carrying my waist pack for marathons. I am back on track for my 50 mile week now, my still do a long run of 15-20 miles this weekend, but I will have to see how I feel after Thursday and Fridays 10 milers.

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