Tuesday, July 31, 2007

5 miles 12:00 pace, Trails

Today was my last run before Burning River. I did 5 easy miles at MAF. I don't have enough miles on my new Keen's to be able to start with them, so I Will be sticking with my old pair. I am thinking about running with my hydration backpack. I wouldn't fill the bladder but it would be good practice for Plain and I want to have all my foot care supplies with me so I can take Care of them right when something goes wrong, instead of waiting for my drop bag. I still have most of my stuff in drop bags from Mohican, so it shouldn't take to much time getting them ready.


Anonymous said...

What type of hydration pack do you have? Do you recommend it? Thanks.

Josh said...

The pack I use is made more for hikers than for runners. It has a lot of storage space that you probably don't need during a run, but I like it. It fits well on my back, it has enough padding and is secure when using the chest and waste buckles. It is a coleman, I don't know the specific model number. More than enough room for anything you would want with you during a 100 miler.

E-Speed said...

Good luck this weekend! We'll see you at 91.3! Hopefully our aid station will rival Flo's from Mohican!

Kim said...

Elizabeth, it's going to be hard to rival Flo but I will certainly be glad to see you and Brett (and who knows who else) are 91.3!!!

Josh, rest up, eat healthy, sleep well tonight and tomorrow.
I will see you at Mike's Friday afternoon. I'm working till 11am then booking it north.

Josh said...


Yep, you'll see me there, no doubt in my mind.


I was thinking about running to cleveland instead of driving. would that be ok for my taper? I better leave now.

See you Friday!

Addy said...

how exciting that the race is here (almost) :) Hope you and mike (and kim) have an amazing time this weekend!

I'm sure with all this tapering you're itching to run!

Rob "Buckeye" Powell said...

Good Luck! See ya Friday

Maria said...

Woo Hoo Josh!! Good luck, you're gonna do great...I'll see you out there-mile 65 (Happy Days) and mile 95.8 (Memorial Parkway).

Josh said...


Thanks! Can't wait to see you out there!