Monday, September 10, 2007

16.5 miles

I had 2 spectacular runs on the beach today for a total of 16.5 miles. The first 6.5 were barefoot with the remaining 10 being with shoes. Long Beach is absolutely beautiful. I took some pictures that I will post later, probably once I get home. I even saw an otter!
On my first run I saw this guy had his low rider stuck in the sand. He had a bumper sticker that read "I LIKE BOOBS" I could relate to that so I thought I would stop to help, since he was such a classy guy and all. He also had a hot Asian girlfriend (that's right Rob, I said ASIAN) I wasn't much help as we still couldn't get the car unstuck, but when I ran by an hour later he was out.
On my second run I passed an old couple watching the sunset. They were staring at me so I waved. The old woman said to me "we're just jealous, you're in such great shape!" Grandma's always have had a thing for me, what can I say. I'm a grandma magnet.
This was the first time I have ever been to the pacific, it was nice to watch the sunset over the ocean while running on the beach. That kind of thing just doesn't happen any Cincinnati. I have a longer run on the beach planned for tomorrow if my body can handle it.
If you didn't know, I am a cheap skate, so I am sleeping in the parking lot of a Super 8 motel tonight, as long as I don't get kicked out, lol. The great thing about sleeping in motel parking lots, you can pick up on there wireless Internet, ha!


Mike said...

RE: the grandma magnet thing...use whatever ya got bro. grandpa may not be able to get it to stand up, and you are a superhero now....ok, maybe not.

RE: sleeping in the car...good for you. you are showering where?

RE: the hot asian girlfriend of our "west coast redneck", well, I better just pass on commenting there.

I hope you are haiving fun. I was just asked by Gailanne to run a snowshoe marathon with her in March, so I guess once it gets cold it is time to buy some snowshoes and figure out how to run on them.

tony said...

Josh, what an adventurous life you lead! Thanks for sharing your experiences with us! There's a few babes in NE Ohio that think you are more than a "grandma magnet", but it's a great line anyway...ha.

I love the Pacific Ocean too, and running her beaches at sunset!

Rob "Buckeye" Powell said...