Monday, September 10, 2007

Since I am in Washington until Sunday, I have signed up for Cle Elum 50k which takes place here next Saturday. It should be a tough race with 6000 feet of gain, and more terrific views I am sure. You didn't think I would come all the way to WA and not check a state of my list, did you?
There won't be much recovery needed from Plain, as I didn't get far enough into the race to push my limits, I just fizziled out all at once. I am headed to the coast for the next couple days to do some running on the 23 mile long, Long Beach. Then I will be going to Mt. Rainier to run some of the 90+ mile Wonderland trail.


Addy said...

have a great time in washington :)

Anonymous said...

Sweet! and nice new picture at the top of the page! Can I assume that is your gear and the photo was taken during Plain 100? I know it looks like your pack....

Kim said...

What a great new header!!!!
Thanks for checking in! Have a great 50K!!

Josh said...


Thanks! It is so beautiful out here, and there are just so many great places to run. I think I am in running heaven, lol.


You can assume that is my gear in the photo during the Plain 100. I took that picture while taking a break on Klone Peak, highest elevation on the course.


I thought the picture turned out really nice. I couldn't really tell how any of the pictures looked because it was so sunny I couldn't see the screen.

shawn said...

Josh - have fun next weekend at Cle Elum! I'll be at the start/finish line with Marty and Chris.

Get ready for more dusty and motorcycle-ridden single track :) I'm sure that's your favorite now.