Tuesday, October 9, 2007

5 miles, 7:19 pace, Roads

It was perfect weather for a run tonight. After 4+ months of running slow, preparing for one 100 after another, I have to teach myself to run fast again. For the rest of 2007 I plan on cutting back my mileage, to somewhere around 30-50 MPW, while increasing speed. Then at the start of 2008 I will begin building up the miles again, in preparation for the 150 at McNaughton Park in mid April.

If I want to be fast and bald when I grow up, like Tony, I need to start now. You do know that Tony went bald from running so fast back in his 2:30 marathoning days, right? He hasn't slowed down enough yet to let the hair grow back. In fact, if you look closely at pictures of Tony during this years Akron Road Runner Marathon, you'll see runners behind him choking on his hair as it flies right off his head on his way to a sub 3 hour finish. So next time Tony tells you he's now old and slow, tell him you'll buy that when you see a full head of hair!


Rob "Buckeye" Powell said...

Is this what is happening to me? I suppose that I need to speed up because it seems to be working only half way right now. LOL

Anonymous said...

I live right across the street and I never realized the truth. Wow. I guess I am going to stop at 4 hours and not try to move my marathon PR down...I like my hair too much.

In fact, maybe I will just become a racewalker.

Josh said...


Yep, that's exactly whats happening to you, Rob! At the rate your going, it won't be long before your as bald as Tony.


I thought you would have known the truth. Speed or hair, it's your choice.

Rob "Buckeye" Powell said...

Hmmmm?????? Tony the Tiger did get the Ohhhh he's so hot comments this summer. I guess now you will say I have to stop drinking Sam Adams to have a stomac like him too...

tony the tigger said...

LOL...you guys crack me up! I'm thinking it's more my body age clock that's causing my hair loss. My times are slowing down, and I'm not getting any more hair on top of my head...lots on my back, neck and ears though...hate that!!
You guys have nothing to fear, go for speed! I'm glad we can keep in touch through you guys' blogs!

Rob...I think I lost the Tiger nickname, Red called me a sweet pussycat on her blog a few days ago!

Josh & Mike...good luck and enjoy your race this weekend!

Paul Hoffman said...

Hi Josh,
You and I traded emails a while back. I mentioned how much I enjoyed your site. I noticed that you ran the Stone Steps 50 k. I had planned to and changed my mind. I swept the short loop at the end of the race. I will do it next year. Are those stone steps something else or what? I'm offline right now so using a yahoo email. sworunner@yahoo.com Congrats on Stonesteps. Paul