Tuesday, October 23, 2007

5 miles, 7:37 Overall pace, Track


mile 1: 7:45
mile 2: 7:47
mile 3: 7:47
mile 4: 7:43
mile 5: 6:56

The rain hasn't let up the past two days, but it did give me a chance to use my Marathon and Beyond Poncho I got at Stone Steps!


Mike said...

speedy gonzalez eh? nice work. I put a question to you on my blog sir.

marla said...

yay- you got your poncho! Jan had to cover up your smiley face (of course she had to be the one to stuff your envelope, lol) but it should be on the way!

Josh said...


Question answered.


I hope you didn't get in trouble for the smiley face, what a sweet gesture, lol.