Monday, March 3, 2008

5.5 miles, road, 8:33 pace

I started feeling a sharp pain in my right knee as I finish my first 5 mile loop this morning.  It hurts to walk or run.  I don't think it's that serious, I hope it will be gone when I wake up tomorrow, and I can make up those extra 11 miles I was supposed to run today.


Anonymous said...

had to suck to lose such a nice day for a long run.

how about:

riding some exercise bikes for half your mileage/time for awhile to ease knee, shin splint issues....?

mixing in one pool run each week - do the same time you would do running, just suspended in the water with one of those belts?

Might pay big dividends towards being able to do McNaughton. There is no added glory in having to suffer through it....mix in some stuff that is easier on the parts of your body that are "talking" back to you!

my .01 (I can't afford 2)

Liz said...

be nice to your body :)

i think you need more rest, more peanut butter and banana sandwiches, and some yoga! its very good at sort of renewing you.

today was so nice. no beach balls :( but i did relax a bit and smile a lot. i love the sun! so do the banana trees involve a greenhouse maybe? and this pineapple/banana tree sounds like the most amazing thing in the world. if it grew in the middle of a strawberry patch i would be in heaven!

don't try to make up those miles if it doesn't feel right yet ... monday is in the bank, tuesday hasn't happened yet. enjoy life in the middle :)

Liz said...

so i hear wolf from american gladiators was up at the arnold 5k / fitness expo last weekend... my friend got his picture with him! i was just a hair away from doing that race but decided on the long run instead. my goodness, darn long runs.

how is your leg feeling?

tony said...

I get those days too, Josh. Not often, but feels like you KNOW you can't run, really hurts, then goes away for me. Hope so for you too, and I bet it does! Hang in there!