Saturday, March 1, 2008

31 miles, MUDDY trails, 6:59

I got to Mt. Airy at 8 this morning, but the trails were to icy to run in regular shoes.  I screwed my shoes for the run at Mo last weekend, but they all fell out durning the run, so I don't have much confidence in my shoe screwing abilities.  I decided to stop by the Running Spot and pick up a pair of YakTrax, but the store didn't open until 10... Eventually I got back to Mt. Airy at 11 to start my run, of course by now it had warmed up and most of the snow had melted so I didn't really need the YakTrax.  The YakTrax worked pretty well on the icy patches and hard packed snow, but I had trouble with them sliding around on my shoes, I only wore them the first five miles.  the warmer it got, the muddier and harder to run it was.  The last 8 miles I was sliding all over the place.  Parts of the trail were more like a creek, with water streaming down.  I felt really good throughout the run, my quads started to fatigue towards the end but I ran pretty even throughout, although my times slowed by about a minute per loop because of the mud.  This was done on the Stone Steps 50k course.  I have run the race the past 2 years, and run the 5.3 mile loop often in training.  This was the first time I was able to navigate the 3.3 mile loop solo without getting lost.  It took me a little extra time the first loop, trying to find the trail in certain spots.  7 hours on the feet and 31 miles of mud and hills in the books.  A nice slow training run for McNaughton.

Loop 1 (5.3 miles) 1:09:36
Loop 2 (3.3 miles) 47:53
Loop 3 (5.3 miles) 1:10:50
Loop 4 (3.3 miles) 43:18
Loop 5 (5.3 miles) 1:11:19
Loop 6 (3.3 miles) 44:48
Loop 7 (5.3 miles) 1:12:09


Nick said...

Great job. You are a machine.
That's why I call you "The Ultra Warrior".

Liz said...

i second that, you are a running machine! my goodness!!! you must be beat...

im glad you like that quote :)i think we are cut from the same thread when it comes to that, its good to believe and to dream. its a good feeling to know you took every situation for what its worth, got the most out of it, and are living better for it.

also. you should grow a banana tree! i wonder how well the bananas and pineapples will grow in this beautiful ohio climate we have. my friend just came back from hawaii today---she gave me a flower for my hair and told me stories of spending her days at the beach and what the pineapple plants look like in real life. sounds good, doesn't it?

Nick said...

Liz, you will grow Pinapples,
Josh you grow Bananas, and I will grow Coconuts.

Liz said...

that is such a good plan! i always wanted to grow coconuts, but how would i ever reach them? :)

Josh said...

Sounds good, Nick. I think the Coconut tree would require a little more space than the porch of my apt. building.

Liz, I will learn how to climb trees like those native samoan guys so I can climb up and pick the coconuts :)