Wednesday, March 5, 2008

With the use of ice, rest, peanut butter banana honey sandwiches, and fruit smoothies, the pain in my knee has reduced substantially. I haven't run on it since Monday morning and will probably only do a short test run on Friday just to make sure it's ok for the 50 miler this weekend.


Who is SLB+? said...

All that sound yummy but don't forget the RICE!

Fingers crossed for the weekend, I hate the week before a big race, i want to hide from everyone to avoid a cold and wrap myslef up to avoid injury!

Liz said...

those are my favorite things. i have to tell you that today i had toast with peanut butter honey and fresh strawberries. MMM it was like a pimped pb&J. i highly reccomend it. esp for the knee. which by the way, i'm happy to hear is feeling better.

Kim said...

Mmm pb banana honey sounds really good.
I hope the knee is healed up. Have fun at LBTL!!!

Nick said...

Good luck this weekend.
Honey is a healer so eat lots of it.

Addy said...

glad the knee is doing a bit better. Be careful with it for your race! Good luck :D

peanut butter honey sandwhich sounds like a good fix for just about anything