Wednesday, July 15, 2009

10.6 miles, roads, 6 miles barefoot, 4.6 miles VFFs, RHR: 56

I'm starting to try a new variation of training. Multiple runs per day of short distance. I'm doing this for a few reasons, 1.) it fits nicely into my schedule. I can run before work, run to work, run home from work, then run in the evening. 2.) I'm hoping that forcing the body to get up and go multiple times a day will improve my recovery time when I increase the mileage further. 3.) I'm hoping the short runs will help me transition into barefoot running more safely, allowing me to perfect my form and toughen my soles, instead of trying to go too far too fast. 4.) I'm always looking to change things up and see what works and what doesn't. So I'm going to try to get in at least three runs per day 2 or 3 times a week for a little while and see what happens.

I had a pretty good day of Barefoot running today. 6 miles total, which is the most I've ever run barefoot in a day. On my runs to and from work I noticed a significant reduction in discomfort from last week when running the same path. There were only a few spots that are still a little shaky. my final barefoot run this evening was a little rough, my soles were a bit sore, but it's nice to no the limits, and I still haven't developed any blisters or any other foot damage.

I've been having trouble with the nutrition side of things as I start to increase my miles. Since I haven't been doing much running for a while, I've been eating less and I need to consciously work increase my caloric intake to make up for the extra calories burned.

I've got some tired muscles from my increased mileage but my body feels good. my only ailments are my left achillies which gets sore after I get back from runs, and needs to be stretched and warmed up before the run, then it feels fine, and the balls of my feet which are a bit brusied from barefoot, but are getting stronger.

3.1 miles, 8:49 pace, roads, VFFs

2.2 miles, 10:33 pace, roads, barefoot, run to work.

2.2 miles, 10:40 pace, roads, barefoot, run home from work.

3.1 miles, 8:42 pace, roads, first half VFFs, second half barefoot.

Things to watch: sore left achillies


Luc said...

I like your idea of running shorter distances throughout the day. If only I didn't sweat like a pig... :)

Hoyawolf said...

i would like to incorporate some barefoot running too. any tips?

Josh said...


yeah, I thought it sounded nice in theory, but we'll see how it plays out :) yeah, luckily it's cool in the morning when I run to work, and I go slow so sweating isn't an issue. If I ran during lunch my office mates my not be too pleased with me :)


The best advice is to take it slow and run on different surfaces, because they all have benefits and reveal different things about your form. Stay relaxed, tensing up will increase to pain when you step on something unplesent and will alter your natural stride. take short quick strides with your feet landing under your center of gravity (don't reach for steps) Land on your midfoot or forefoot as opposed to your heel, which most people do while wearing shoes. It may sound like a lot to remember, but just take off those shoes, run a few minutes on pavement or cement and your body will make most of the adjustments quickly on it's own to avoid punishment. For everything you could ever want to know about barefooting visit:

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