Thursday, July 2, 2009

Pony Express 100

If there's one thing I know about myself, it's that if I'm not working towards something I won't work at all. So I've come up with my latest race goal: the Pony Express Trail 100 in Utah. This is a very low key run, no entry fee, no aid, no markings, no cuttoffs just a dirt road, a hand full of runners and the Utah desert. My girlfriend, Jill will be crewing for me, and there may be another runner from the Midwest that joins me in the fun, although I will keep his name concealed for now. The race is October 16, so I've got 3 1/2 months to get ready, plenty of time. It's one of those "easy" 100 milers with only 7000 feet of gain, run on a dirt road, 50 miles out, 50 miles back, in the middle of nowhere. anybody else wanna come??

Check it out here:


Mike said...

I will put in the vacation request on Monday. OK? Damn.

Kim said...


Mike said...

Yahoo! and maybe a little Excite or even a Google or two!

Nick said...

I saw this some time back and thought it would be interesting.
If I wasn't running Javelina, I'd do it.

ed said...

I'm so glad you're back into running (& blogging) again! A 100 already on your list -- now that's confidence!!!

I sure missed you at Mohican this year -- you were the closest thing to a crew (& then some) that I've ever had!

Clara said...

hmm...sounds very tempting!

Josh said...


wish you could be there! Of course, I wish I could be at Oil Creek, too!


Yeah, it looks like a fun one! A choose for a few reasons: It was exactly the time frame I was looking for, I need until October to get ready for a 100. It's not to far away, 8 hour drive. There's no entry fee, entry fees are getting crazy at some ultras now! And I have someone who's willing to crew for me, perfect!


It's good to be back. My confidence far outweighs my running ability. I wish I could have been at the mighty Mo, I had a great time helping out last year!


It's going to be awesome!!

Luc said...

Go Josh! Congratulations! Man that sounds like a fun road trip...