Monday, July 6, 2009

My official training plan started today for Pony Express. I'm not one for following plans, but I am one for creating them anyway. It's not really a plan yet, as much as it is a vague outline. The only thing I have planned so far is starting at a 40 mile week and adding 5-10 miles per week to peak at 80 miles for a few weeks. the structure of those miles is to be determined, I'll take suggestions. I plan to do some track speed work (because for some reason I'm convinced speed work translates into strong 100 milers) a lot of barefoot road running, mountain running in my XC flats, some biking, and other odds and ends. The barefoot running is going to be my key for toughening up my feet in hopes of avoiding the bruised soles I've received in all my other attempts of 100 miles. I plan to run the race in my XC flats, the same shoes I ran Old Gabe 50k in. I love those shoes, very minimalist, 6 0z each, no support no heel raise, just a little bit of rubber and a mesh upper, perfect! Right now I'd like to think I'll be aiming for a sub 24 hour finish, but I'll judge those chances when the time comes.

Today I ran 3.3 miles barefoot on smooth cement sidewalk at 8 minute pace (some at 9 minute pace, some at 7 minute pace)

Friday morning I ran 4 miles in my VFF's at 8:30 pace on roads, and a gravel path around a lake in Helena. Friday afternoon Jill, Liz and I hiked into the Bob Marshall wilderness and camped at an alpine like at a decent elevation, 7,000 or 8,000 feet, the hike is 6 miles in, but we did at least 7 due to navigational blunders. The lake was beautiful, and COLD! The snow all around the lake was fair warning of the frigid temps but we jumped in anyway. We hiked out Saturday morning, no wrong turns, for 6 more miles. Hopefully I'll get some pictures from Jill to add here later.


Anonymous said...

Awesome. I can see you running barefoot bearded and blazing along at 7 minute miles on the sidewalks. Damn I would like some video of that. Crazed mountain man on the loose!!!

Josh said...

lol, yeah, I get looks from the long hair and beard alone, when they notice I'm not wearing any shoes they run inside and lock their doors.

Nick said...

Oh I do miss your training posts.

You and Catra are the ones that suckered me into CrossFit and those damn Vibrams...I want a pair!

Glad to see you are back at it.