Monday, November 19, 2007

10 miles, 8:09 overall pace, hilly roads
(2 mile campus loop)

Miles 1-2: 8:20 pace
Miles 3-4: 8:22 pace
Miles 5-6: 8:25 pace
Miles 7-8: 8:07 pace
Miles 9-10: 7:30 pace

It's always nice to start of the week with a good run. My goal was to pace myself well for the first three laps so I still had enough gas to make my last two laps the fastest, mission accomplished. I couldn't stay within Mike's "The Pace" throughout, but we can't all be the Fit from Fat King.


Anonymous said...

Hey, I only did The Pace for 2 miles today, so you got it. I am going to keep increasing my distance at The Pace.

I am just itching to find a way to come to GA and run that 50k. I won't know anything until Friday...and we will see which coast I am on. I figure if I can get to Milledgeville I can ride back to Ohio with you and then have to find a way from Cincy to Cleveland....hmmm.

Josh said...


that would be cool if something worked out but I won't count on it. I can drive you to cincy and you could run back to CLE, thats what Dean would do. No wait, Dean would run from CA to the race in GA then back to CLE, while balancing two pizzas on his head and sleep running through the entire state of tennessee.
I sound like!