Tuesday, November 13, 2007

5 miles, 7:40 overall pace, Track

Mile 1: 7:57
Mile 2: 7:54
Mile 3: 7:48
Mile 4: 7:41
Mile 5: 6:59

decent run. Heavy legs after yesterday's workout. The effort was there, the speed was not.


Mike said...

Keep it up! You have to average 7:17 miles to make Boston bro! You can do it I am sure. Me, I think I will be waiting for another few age groups. Even next year, I only get 5 minutes extra and have to average 7:28 at age 35.

Nick said...

Josh, I notice you run on the track a lot. Have you found that this betters your speed versus trail or road?
I have noticed that ever since I started running trail, my times have slowed by a minute or more per mile. Thus, making my times on any substrate much slower. -Very frustrating.

Josh said...


Boston would be nice, but the 150 at McNaughton will be much nicer!


I run on the track for a couple reasons
1.) This time of year it gets dark so early I can't get to the trails in time after work and running with a head lamp equals a very slow pace.
2.) Running on the track really helps increase my leg turnover and overall speed on and off the trails. I like the track over roads because it's softer on my legs and you can be very precise on the track when it comes to pacing. But I will also run some roads for the hills.
Up until about 2 months ago I did most all my running on trails, which meant hardly anything under a 10 minute pace. In the short time I have been using the track my speed has increased significantly which has translated into faster trail times. I still get plenty of time on the trails during my races so I'm not worried about losing any trail running ability.

tony said...

hmmm...so is it an all downhill track? I've noticed you always run each mile faster and end with your fastest mile. Nice work, Josh!
Glad to hear you're getting even faster!

I'm recovering right now, so just the opposite for me. I'm running trails (in dark w/ flashlight!) to slow down and take it easy.

Nick said...

Josh, that's exactly what I was thinking.
A few years back when I was running roads, and running marathons, I was a lot faster than I am now. I want to get back to that if possible.
My problem is that I work 3rd shift, and most of the time, have to run in the dark on the roads.

Thanks for the info.