Sunday, November 18, 2007

my running has sucked this week. I did 5 miles on the track yesterday but felt weak and out of breath with a high heart rate from just jogging slowly. o well, it'll pass.

who wants to go to Georgia with me on Friday for the Bartram Forest 50k?? It's supposed to be a nice flat non technical trail. And it's not so damn cold in Georgia. cheap entry, very low key.


Kim said...

Uggh. Haven't thought about the weekend ahead. I actually have Friday off. Mebbe a Mohican Run, like last year is in store.
If I am thinking about MMT, I need to find me some tall hills around here.

tony said...

I want to go to GA with you, Josh! But unfortunately, I can't. Will look forward to our next run together though!

Anonymous said...

dang...I wish I was off brother. I gotta fly through Saturday...where in GA is it? If I end up in GA or FL friday night maybe I can sneak up there first instead of going straight home....

I am going to look into it.

Nick said...

I almost had my wife talked into it.
I am doing the Mississippi 50 in March if you are interested. It would be a way to cover another state.

Good luck on Saturday.

Josh said...


Mo will be there when we get back from GA :)


Always looking forward to our next run!
I'm looking forward to the day I can keep up with you on a run!!


I'll have to look into the Mississippi 50. Too bad you couldn't talk the better half into letting you go to GA. Thats one issue I don't have to deal with. If I want to go, I go :)

Nick said...

She threw the guilt trip on me with this one.
I typically don't have the problem of having to ask to go somewhere. I do what I want to do. She'll even tell you that too.
That's why one night, I found the Mississippi 50 website and signed up within an hour of thinking about it, and then bought my plane ticket a few minutes later. I told her about it the next morning.
Email me if you want any info about the Mississippi run. My plane ticket was only $100.00 RT.