Tuesday, November 20, 2007

5 miles, 37:17 total time, 7:27 overall pace, Track

Mile 1: 7:15
Mile 2: 7:00
Mile 3: 7:50
Mile 4: 7:55
Mile 5: 7:17

After yesterdays workout I didn't quite have the legs to hammer out the 5 sub 7 minute miles I had planned but it was still a pretty good run. The final 200 meters I tried to beat mikes 35 second PR I came up way short with 41 seconds. I can't match the fit from fat speed burst.


tony said...

"SWEET" splits Josh!! I too have fallen victim to Mike's sprint speed...he's got wheels!

Mike said...

yeah right guys...I was running that 200 meters fresh...BUT, wouldn't it be fun some time to go to the track and race each other over 100, 200, and 400 meters? I know that is not our usual mode, but it would be a good workout, and damn fun.

Josh, the mile splits on mile 2 and 5 are fine; 1,3,and 4 are shy of The Josh Pace. :)

Besides with me, it's called inertia. I get moving, then a body in motion tends to stay in motion, when I add a little more energy it makes me go faster. You light guys slow down due to the wind resistance.

Or, maybe I am just smooth.....

Josh said...


will we ever be as fast as Fit From Fat??


I'd be up for a track battle, but Only if I can tie a rope around you and Tony and have you guys drag me along, like raindeer pulling a sleigh.

Mile one was still on BQ pace! I just couldn't hang on miles 3 and 4 so I backed it off so I could finish strong on mile 5.

I think it's those milky white silky smooth shaven legs cutting through the wind that keep you going. My lanky limbs get tossed around like rag dolls in the wind.

tony said...

Mike....I will speak for Josh on this, hope I get it right. Maybe if we tag team him, Josh...

We'll race you at the track in your shorter distances, I'll take ya on from mile to marathon, then tag Josh, who will take over in ultra distances. We know you'll be right there with us at all distances!

Mike said...

well, I am going to let it die, but I predict that 30 seconds in the 200 is possible, and when I get that, then I will know I am getting somewhere.

Josh, the legs are hairy now man. You said the smooth calves were freaking you out in the morning.

Ah, I can't wait to get home!