Thursday, November 1, 2007

5 miles, 33:29 total time, 6:42 overall pace, track


Mile 1: 6:33
Mile 2: 6:48
Mile 3: 6:48
Mile 4: 6:44
Mile 5: 6:34


Nick said...

When you do your intervals, what kind of rest time do you take?
Does it depend on distance?

When I do intervals, no matter what distance, I usually walk a lap to recover.

I'm just curious how others do it.

Josh said...


I don't do intervals, the stopping at starting and the hard pace doesn't agree with my body (I get nagging injuries) The only speed work I do are 5 and 10 mile hard track runs. No breaks in between miles.

Anonymous said...

I cannot run with you. Let me just say that right now. Awesome run Josh, if I could guess, I bet you felt exhilarated at the end of that one!

Addy said...

you are ridiculously fast!

Awesome job

E-Speed said...

nice. i wish I could run 5*1600 at that pace let alone 5 miles straight!

Josh said...


I'll admit, I felt pretty damn good after that one, lol.


Thanks. If only I could keep that up during a 50k, on trails...


Well, that pace doesn't seem to help me when you kick my ass on the trails, lol!

tony said...

Good speedwork Josh! Like how you always end with the last mile as your fastest! That's important. As you said, that's really a tempo workout since no rest breaks (intervals are really the rest break, not the fast laps), which means you could run mile intervals or repeats MUCH faster! Awesome!!