Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Chipotle Challenge

Some of my loyal readers out there my remember my post about the Bearcat Challenge I took on a while ago. Well, after my noteworthy but failing performance against the mighty Bearcat Pizza my co-workers and I were thinking about other food challenges for me to take on. All three of us are huge fans of the burritos from Chipotle, so we decided that would be next. In case you've never had a Chipotle burrito, these are no regular burritos. They vary in weight from about 1.25-1.5 pounds and are the size of a brick.

The challenge: after much discussion and debate we settled on 3 burittos and two sides of chips and guacamole with a 1 hour 15 minute time limit. Loser pays for the food.

I felt much better about my chances for this challenge then I did going into the Bearcat. When Tim came back with the order I was a bit worried as these were the biggest burritos I had ever seen them make! (he said he didn't tell them about the challange until after the finished making them, though.) My strategy was to attack all three burritos first then finish off with the chips and guac. I got off to a great start, eating the first burrito in 5 minutes. the second 1 took about 8 minutes. After that I realized I was eating too fast so I took a couple minute break to let the food work it's way down the pipe. I then went after the final burrito. I was getting full and had to take frequent breaks, but I was able to finish the third burrito in about 20 minutes. I then took a 20 minute break before starting on the chips and guac. I was really feeling it now, but was able to get through the first order of chips. Then I hit the wall, after eating 2 or 3 chips into the second order I was done! I was so close to my goal but there was no way I could finish! I fell one order of chips a guac short.

I was proud of my accomplishment. how many people can say they've eaten 3 chipotle burritos? When Tim picked up the order and told the ladies at the resturant that I was going to try and eat all three they said it was impossible. Impossible is nothing.


Nick said...

Okay Josh. 1 Chipotle Burrito will take me out on any given day.
But 3 Burritos!?? and 2 orders of chips?

I remember the reading about the Bearcat challenge a while back.
That was some fun reading.

Rob "Buckeye" Powell said...

You da Man!

Kim said...

Wow. Having never eaten at a Chipotle, I bow to your promise that they are 'huge'. With a few years more training, Josh, and stop this silly ultra running,get some quality time in on the couch and you can conquer both the burrito and the Bearcat Challenge!
Have fun this Saturday!

Brett S. said...

Three is impressive. I've done a burrito and an order of taco's but I was 250 lbs at the time. My favorite is to order a double chicken burrito with both beans and all three sauces. Add the chees and lettuce and they normally weigh in at just over three lbs.

E-Speed said...

you have officially lost your mind. Do you know how many calories are in those burritos?

I ate one whole burrito and chips and guac once. And I can eat more than anyone I know (used to do similar challenges to this) and I would never attempt this challenge!

E-Speed said...

ps I got so much on my burrito at Chipotle Sunday they couldn't get it wrapped. It was absolutely hilarious!

Josh said...


LOL, I'm not much of a calorie counter. I did have to losen my belt two notches after I finished. But, I was back to normal weight the next day. One Burrito and chips and guac is my normal meal, I had never eaten two before let alone three! But I'm glad I have those bragging rights now! Who says college kids are lazy and have no goals?!