Wednesday, July 18, 2007

10 miles, 10:18 pace, Trails

I Went out to MAF after work for 2 loops. Kept a decent pace on the flats and downhills but worked mainly on running the hills. I walked one hill in the first loop and none in the second. What a difference that makes in your pace! With all the hill work I am going to be doing it will be important for me to strengthen my shins so I don't get any pesky shin splints.
I ordered a new pair of Keen's Wasatch Crests today. Instead of going with the Green again, I got the Blue. I wanted to match the Blue Blazes of the Buckeye Trail as I run Burning River on August 4-5. I swear I'm not gay, Mike's color coordination is rubbing off on me.
For those of you that follow my blog regularly, "Project Deer" is coming along slowly. I have now found out for them most part how I can run past the Deer without spooking them into running away. The key is to let them know you know they're there in a non threatening way. While I am running towards the deer I make eye contact only for a second and wave, I then look away while continuing to wave as I pass. If you don't look at them I think they get scared that you will see them all of a sudden and hurt them. If you continue to stare at them I think they just get freaked out and think you are going to do something to them. I am still a long way from my goal of actually being able to pet them. Patients is a virtue. I saw three yearlings as I ran, all with a striking resemblance to Bambi, I didn't see thumper but I'm sure he wasn't far away.


Anonymous said...

Your color coordination is not gay. Project Deer is.

Just kidding. I would be astounded if you ever pet a wild of your best shots is around mile 20 on the BR...the deer in there are the tamest I have ever seen. I got to maybe ten feet from one whlie doing the long walk with Kurt.

Trail Goddess said...

The Department of Fish and Game (DFG) is reminding Californians that feeding deer is a dangerous and illegal practice. Three incidents this month have provided examples of the harm that can befall people, wildlife, and pets when humans feed and allow deer to become too comfortable around them.

“This is the time of year when buck deer are ‘in the rut,’ or exhibiting breeding behavior and becoming more aggressive,” said DFG Director Ryan Broddrick. “Californians need to be especially careful that they do not break the law and compromise their own safety by providing an available food source for these animals. While deer are usually not a threat to public safety, problems can occur when they lose their fear of humans.”

All three events since late September followed the same pattern: humans fed deer that then became aggressive and attacked when humans came too close to them. In San Diego County a man died several weeks after he was gored in the mouth by a buck he surprised while working in his backyard. Other incidents included a buck attacking a couple in their garden in Mendocino County, and a buck in Orinda attacking two dogs, killing one of them. In all of these incidents the deer involved was eventually killed by DFG or federal wildlife officials.

“These events are extremely unusual but not unheard of. Whenever deer begin to associate people with food, problems are guaranteed to occur,” said Craig Stowers, coordinator of DFG’s deer program. “Deer, even the small ones, can be quite aggressive and they are much stronger than people imagine. Like most species of wildlife, they are best viewed at a distance – it’s safer for everyone and everything involved.”

Josh said...

Trail Goddess,

What can I say, I live life on the edge. I'm not planning on feeding the deer. There are plenty of goons that throw bread out of there car windows as they wiz through the park. I don't believe that man and nature are necessarily destine to a life apart. Back in the civil rights days, a lot of people thought segregation was a good thing too...

Sensationally Red said...

The deer are getting freaking ridiculous. I live in a city neighborhood and actually almost hit one coming home from work on my street! Absolutely no feeding the deer. I know you have no plans on doing that Josh, but I just couldn't deal with that cute little face getting gored if they didn't like you getting too close! Way to go with the blue shoes!