Monday, July 23, 2007


5 miles 9:00 pace

Sunday I went to East Fork State Park, about 45 minutes from where I live, to volunteer for a 5 mile trail race put on by the running spot. The running spot put on a 4 race trail series this summer around Cincinnati, Adam was responsible for coordinating these events, as he is the outdoor Coordinator for the Running Spot. This was the final race in the series. This race has a pretty cool concept. The runners are handicapped based on ability.
The slow runners get a fast start on the fast runners. The thought behind this is that if the handicapping is done correctly all of the runners will finish right around this same time. This gives the slow runners a shot to win the race. In the morning Adam and I ran the loop to make sure all the flags he had set up the day before were still there. The handicapping didn't seem to work out to perfection, but the finish line was still very exciting to watch!
East Fork is such a nice park. I don't know why I have never been there to run before. They have 85 miles of trail including a 32 mile perimeter trail that goes around East Fork Lake. You can bet I will be running that trail in the near future.

Weekly totals:

Running: 66 miles

Swimming: 1 mile


Mike said...

Can I come, Can I come! I want to do that 32 mile trail. A 50k circle! We should plan a weekend, and do one each day, going different directions! Our second back to back 50k weekend. We can camp the night between them....

Kim said...

Where's East Fork?
Hey that does sound good, maybe we should plan that for a weekend this fall!

Josh said...

East Fork is about 25 miles east of Cincy. Mike and I were thinking about doing it two weekends after BR. You in?