Friday, July 6, 2007

I will be leaving tonight for The Rattlesnake 50k in Charleston, West Virginia. My strategy for this race is to go out fast and blow up about halfway through. It has a decent amount of climb for a 50k (5500 feet.) My goal is to finish in the top 20 or blow up trying, either result will be fine with me. That's the good thing about running 25-30 races a year, it doesn't give you much time to think about a bad performance. I haven't raced a 50k in a while so it should be fun. Stay tuned for the report of my demise.


Anonymous said...

I CAN"T wait for this one! Seriously, I love the fact that you are going to give it a shot AND not give a shit if you explode!

Maria said...

Good luck!!!! I'll be thinkin' about you during my little measly 10 mile race tomorrow morning ☺

annette bednosky said...

I hope you had a great day and met one of your goal! I was at Rattlesnake yesterday too and am getting ready to write in my blog too! Yay for you! I didn't discover ultrarunning until 4 years ago-please just take care of you-you are young and strong and awesome-yet even ultrarunners aren't superheros! Please take care of you as you merge with this amazing sport!