Sunday, July 15, 2007

12 miles, trail, roughly 10:30 pace

This morning at 8:30 Adam and I met up with Roger, Mark and Sandi of the Cincinnati Trail Runners Club at the oval in MAF for a morning trail run. Roger and Sandi are training for a trail marathon in Michigan coming up on July 28th, so they were looking to do 12 miles. That couldn’t have been any more perfect for me. I was hoping to complete a 70 mile week and was at 58 after Saturdays race…70-58+=12! We did the regular 5 mile loop then a 1 mile out and back section that I had never run before followed by the 5 mile loop in reverse.

I wasn’t sore from the race and my legs didn’t feel all that fatigued but I could definitely feel it in my breathing and perceived effort level. I was even sweating a little bit! I am a very light sweater. I took a good tumble with a couple miles to go. It was a beautiful fall. I tripped over a root, went down hard, doing a tuck and roll over my left shoulder and popped right up without missing a stride. The whole fall lasted about 2 seconds. Roger gave me an 8.5, It was the kind of fall Rob really gets his jollies from. Too bad mike wasn’t there, then Rob would have pictures to laugh at 13 hours after he saw them, lol.

It was a good run. a perfect ending to a good training week.

Weekly totals

Running: 70 miles

Swimming: 4 miles


Rob "Buckeye" Powell said...

I would have laughed after I made sure you were not injured severely. Great training week.

Kim said...

Maybe you can recreate that fall for us when our photographer is around!
Good run out there.
Ever hear of this


Mike said...


Maybe you should go back there and mark that section "Difficult" with a little wooden sign. You will be running there again and that could help remind you.

I would have totally made you lay there while I took a photo!

Addy said...

sounds like a good running week, a good 12 miler, and an awesome fall :) I doubt I'll ever be that graceful when I kiss the ground :)