Thursday, July 12, 2007

20 miles total

AM: 10 miles, 13:00 pace, Trails
PM: 10 miles, 10:30 pace, Trails

I woke up at 5 this morning and hit the trails at MAF by 5:45. The first loop was pretty slow because I couldn't see very well with my head lamp. This was the first run since the race on Saturday where my legs have felt back to normal. I had a good second loop before showering, changing and heading off to work.
After work I met Adam at MAF to do another 10. we kept a decent consistent pace for these to laps. It made the run even more pleasant, having someone to run with. The idea of a running partner is a little foreign to me but hopefully we will get to run together more often. After the Rattlesnake 50K Adam and I both realized we have similar goals, so I think we can help each other out in reaching them.
In all, this was a great training day for me. I was able to increase my weekly mileage after a slow start. Now I have a good shot and hitting my 70 mile goal for this week, and the swimming as been I nice addition to my training as well.
I have been looking for a difficult 100 miler to tackle in the fall. I think I might have found the perfect one. Details to follow when plans are finalized.

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Kim said...

See you Saturday.
Mike, Josh is going to get a head start on the buckle quest. (That's if he ever receives his first one..)