Monday, July 16, 2007

10 miles total
AM: 5 miles 13:00 pace, Trails
PM: 5 miles 11:30 pace, Trails

I think I am getting the hang of this 5 AM wake up call. I was able to hit the trails a little before sunrise to get in some practice with my headlamp and handheld lights. In a race you might not notice how much running with a light causes you to slow down, because by that time in the race you are probably pretty damn tired anyway, but even with fresh legs the light takes a big chunk out of your pace.
I was moving slow this morning not only because of the low light, but because my legs were tired from a good weekend of running. I didn't try to push hard, I wanted to give them a break so they have time to rebuild. I felt alot better for the evening run. I kept my pace light but ran up most of the hills (yes, I walk some hills even on 5 mile runs, what can I say, it's all I know!). I am liking this two-a-day run thing. I think it will shock my legs into faster recovery and make them more resilient late in long races.

Now my biggest fear for Burning River is that there will be so many smokin' hot chicks at the aid station I won't be able to will myself to leave! (Kim, Maria, E-speed, Red(?) ) what is a guy to do?

I am looking to do 20 miles on trails this Saturday, maybe at Mohican or on some of the BR course. Is anyone interested in joining, or letting me join on something you already have planned? I know you talked about doing 20 this weekend, Rob. Mike, what do you think? Kim? anyone?


Addy said...

and what better thing to 'fear' than that :) All this two 100s so close to each other business is just amazing

Anonymous said...

Addy, if you were working aid stations everyone's race times would suffer. You are banned! :-)

Josh, I am liking the two a day thing too. I did two separate two milers kinda hard today, and love the feeling.

I go back to work definite plans on Saturday, keep me posted in case I can make something! Oh, and go ahead and walk the hills, you have my permission. I think it is Bill Wagner that says that alot...haha.

Kim said...

No, I have a family function to attend on Saturday out of town.
Guess that rest idea didn't take..

Sensationally Red said...

Josh...I'll be working Sean's aid station at mile 92. My job will be to give you all the motivation to get the heck out of there and finish your race. I'll be on hand to rub out muscle kinks, start I.V's, administer CPR, etc...
Let's just keep it to minor muscle kinks and throwing food at you. This will be an interesting experience.