Saturday, December 8, 2007

Circuit Training Day 2

It took me three tries to stand up this morning. My calves were as sore as the day after a 100 miler! That's what training in the Vibrams will do for you. The rest of my body was sore but manageable. After a few hours of messaging and stretching my calves I went back to the gym for my second session. The running started off shaky but once the calves got loosened up things went well. I did the exact same routine as yesterday, with similar results

800m: 3:29
Squats: 1 minute
800m: 3:25
Jump Rope: 1 minute
800m: 3:44
Lunges: 1 minute
800m: 3:52
Squats jumps: 1 minute
800m: 3:59
Pull ups: 1 minute
800m: 4:12
Dips: 1 minute
800m: 4:13
Push ups: 1 minute
800m: 3:45
Sit ups: 1 minute

Total time: 40 minutes

My 800's were a little faster today and I was able to do 3 pull ups and 3 dips before switching to negatives. I figure after 3 weeks I will begin seeing improvments and the soreness will subside, but until then I'm going to be hurting...

After that I biked for 30 minutes, 10.8 miles on lowest resistance level, AVG HR:135
Then did some ab work


Mike said...


I am jealous. I want to mirror some of those workouts at home once I get home, but will have to back off later in the week with URINEO around the corner. I want to get 3 days of solid recovery before that.

I want you to time an all out 200m when you feel like you have good legs under you. I think these workouts are going to take you to another level...and then after this month when you transition back to long mileage you will gain from are going to SMOKE the WBT50k!

Josh said...


You should difintely try this workout. I'm very happy with it so far. I can't be sure what it will do for my running but I figure it will make my whole body stronger which can't be a bad thing. I sent in my app. for the WBT50k this week. Looking forward to seeing what I can do after this training cycle.

Rob "Buckeye" Powell said...

Ouchhhhhhh! Hang in there.