Sunday, December 9, 2007

Circuit Training Day 3

I was planning on doing the same routine again today, but my calves were even more busted up today and after one lap around the track it was to painful so I skipped the running and just did a circuit of the exercises. I think I am going to switch to regular shoes for a few days until the soreness in my calves becomes a little more manageable. After that I rode the stationary bike for a little while.


Anonymous said...

It ain't nothing but a thing. It is part of the process...there was no reason to think your body would hold up to those workouts day after you add in some rest, and get back at it as soon as you can, and you will be able to do it day after day in the future.

How about Erie Tom's workout routine? That is awesome. The dedication to wear the weight vest all the time, etc...I love it!

Billy said...

Can you recommend a good southern Ohio trail or two for a road trip training run or race?


Josh said...


once I get the initial sourness worked out I can really start pounding this workout. I haven't seen Tom's training. I can't look at his blog because I don't have myspace anymore. What kind of crazy stuff is ole' Tom up to?


My favorite place is Mt. Airy Forest in Cincinnati. There is a nice 5 mile and 3 mile loop that is used for the Stone Steps 50K which takes place each Fall.

tony said...

Josh, maybe you need to do that circuit training every other day? Just my thinking, but I don't know anything about this new training. You know, hard day, easy day. Seems like you need some recovery in between, which is actually the day your muscles get stronger. Are you following a plan you saw, or did you come up with this? I admire your desire to get stronger.

Josh said...


I am going to follow a 3 day on one day off pattern.

Anonymous said...

I will copy and paste Tom's blog post into an email to you...I don't think he would mind. He is really going to be ready for MN150.

I ran hard today but stopped a little short of goal.