Wednesday, December 5, 2007

For the rest of December I am going to mix up my training. I'm going to do more cross training and strength training with only a little short distance running (besides a couple ultras, of course.) In the past couple months I have notice some real weaknesses in my total body fitness. I am hoping to improve my form, strength and muscular endurance while reducing the risk of injury and repairing the small injuries I currently have. After hearing about CrossFit , from Catra's blog, I really wanted to give it a try, but the classes in my area don't fit my schedule so I plan on inventing my own circuit training routine. I hope it will make me a better runner in the long run (get it "Long Run" I crack myself up.)


tony said...

HA! Yes, you're a real card, you're going to have to be "dealt" bad, so corny. Please forgive me.

Seriously though, sounds like a GREAT plan, Josh!

Bob Gentile said...

LOL Hey Josh, nice blog ... will be back to read up more on ur race reports.

I just completed my first year of running year I have two 100's planned so Game is on!! and will be focused in on more cross training and also tighten up my food habits :-) well not everything still need to have the beers.

Have a great Holiday Month!

Kim said...

I really believe in the core workouts. I have just recently gotten back to that myself.

Nick said...

Hey Josh, I have really been wanting to get the Core Performance "Endurance" book from Mark Verstegen. It is for endurance athletes. I need to hit this area harder since I used to lift a lot before I started running.
Don't forget to stretch the muscles in the lower back and hamstrings. Horton says this is the most important place to stretch for runner's, and I do believe him. The source of many of my issues are from the lower back and hamstrings.

EbethS said...

You can follow the Work out of the Day (WOD) as listed on the Crossfit website or you can do the scale down version from here the CF Cleveland also list WOD see here

Hope this help

Liz said...

you should go rockclimbing! Its fun, and (i think) a good cross training alternative to running. I look forward to tracking your progress too!

...on another note. i have an xc race tomorrow and it looks like it will be

Josh said...


thanks, I hope it works out for me.


Glad you liked the blog. Not quite as attractive and informative as yours!
Can't wait to hear all about your 100's next year!


I hope this works for me.


Thanks for the stretching tips!


thanks for the info. I've been in contact with my local CrossFit instructor and he said the same things. I will keep CF in mind as I do my circuit training.


Rock climbing does sound like fun! I'll have to look for a place to go. Have fun playing in the mud :)