Friday, December 7, 2007

Circuit training Day 1

I started my Circuit training routine today. The plan is to do this 5 days a week for the next month and hope I see some improvements. The main objective is to improve overall strength (upper and lower body) and fitness, in doing that I hope it will help me run longer, harder and more consistently with better form in training and reduce the risk of injury which will translate into better race times. I think spending the time building a solid base will help me more than continuing to run high miles with a weak base. The workout is going to be 800m repeats with one minute of varying exercise in between (i.e. Squats, jump rope, lunges, squat jumps, pull ups, push ups, sit ups ect...) I want to get the heart pumping with no breaks in between activities. I have also decided to use my Vibram FiveFingers during the workout to give my calves the extra burn and work on my ChiRunning technique (forefoot landing.)

Today's workout:

800m: 3:43
Squats: 1 minute
800m: 3:41
Jump Rope: 1 minute
800m: 3:41
Lunges: 1 minute
800m: 3:52
Squats jumps: 1 minute
800m: 4:01
Pull ups: 1 minute
800m: 4:21
Dips: 1 minute
800m: 4:12
Push ups: 1 minute
800m: 3:54
Sit ups: 1 minute

It was one hell of a work out, 43 minutes total, 4 miles of running. I was gassed after the 5th 800. I couldn't even keep the pace below 8 minute miles. My upper body strength is a joke. I could only do two pull ups and 1 dip (Then I did negatives to fill up the rest of the 1 minute intervals.) It worked out well and I'm sure I'll be sore tomorrow morning!

After that I rode the stationary bike for 30 minutes at the minimum resistance level for 10.5 miles with an average HR around 135. Then did some extra ab work.


Anonymous said...

Stunnah! Secret Rocky Balboa shit you got going on there. Working out when you should have been throwing paper airplanes. It is young guys like you with your priorities all out of whack that makes me worry about the future...

Sweet workout though. I just ran 6 miles...but I have done 60 pushups today and will do some more tonight.

Who is SLB+? said...

You and me both on the UB workout/strength issue!

Those five fingers look pretty funky, how do they feel?

Josh said...


"You're gonna eat lightnin' and you're gonna crap thunder, Rock!"

I don't need to spend alot of time throwing paper airplanes to beat you!


The Vibrams are awesome! You can hardly tell you’re wearing anything. You'd be amazed how much your calves and achilles get worked when running barefoot! I could hardly stand up this moring, my calves were so stiff.

tony said...

Hmmm...the vibram fivefingers are interesting, I never heard of them before.