Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Today's workout was a real lung burner. The best one yet.

800m: 3:34
Squats: 1 minute, 70 reps
800m: 3:31
Jump Rope: 1 minute
800m: 3:37
Lunges: 1 minute
800m: 3:41
Squats jumps: 1 minute
800m: 3:48
Pull ups: 1 minute, 5 reps (then negatives)
800m: 3:49
Dips: 1 minute, 5 reps (then negatives)
800m: 3:52
Push ups: 1 minute, 32 reps
800m: 3:37
Sit ups: 1 minute

Total Time: 38:22

Followed by some extra ab work


tony said...

All I can say is WOW!! You're an animal, Josh! Atta way!

Anonymous said...

My hero. No kidding. Awesome.

Liz said...

no was a fun and muddy race. I'm still trying to de-mud my spikes. Its not really working... I wish I had one of those "white moments". the last time I had one was during a marathon, its much more my event. I hate that feeling that once you get started...the race is already over.

by the way...
that is one crazy workout, man.