Thursday, June 12, 2008

1 hour, trails, 6 miles?

I went over to French Park again tonight after work. I really like running here. It's quite a roller coaster. many small hills to climb and descend. There aren't many miles of trail in the park, but there are many small trails. In order to stay on the trails in the woods you have to keep running up and down hills. I still don't know my way around, I just wander until I feel like stopping. I found more caution tape from the race today, I'm pretty good at going off course. This is the longest run I've done in a few weeks. My quads felt very sluggish on the first couple climbs, but after that I felt strong and ran all up hills. I wore shoes for this run (sinisters.) I love the Vibrams but I feel much more comfortable on trails with a thick piece of rubber between me and the roots. I'd like to get a pair of super light, low profile racing flats to use on the trails. The sinisters are light and low profile, but it's still more shoe than I want.

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