Monday, June 16, 2008

AM: 4 miles, repeats

1 mile warm up: 9:05
100m walk
1 mile repeat: 6:29
400m walk
1 mile repeat: 6:25
400m walk
1 mile repeat: 6:19

I did a few mile repeats this morning. I felt pretty good. I look to build on this so I can soon be doing my mile repeats at sub 6 pace. I was planning on doing a 1 mile cool down, but ran out of time and had to get ready for work.

PM: 1 hour, FP trails, 5 miles (guess) Easy

After work I went for an easy 1 hour run on the trails of French Park. I didn't find any caution tape this time, the course is officially clear! This was a very easy paced run, hiked a few hills and jogged everything else lightly. My left hip was a little achy, but just a slight twinge. It was hot today, so I was running shirtless in a pair of very short running shorts. Towards the end of my run, I ran past a husband and wife with their dogs down by the creek. One of the dogs started running towards me. I slowed a little but wasn't too worried as she looked pretty friendly. It turned out the dog was on a chain and could reach me anyway. The women said "oh, don't worry she wont hurt you. But those sexy shorts might get you somewhere!" A bit unaware of what, exactly, she meant by that, I just laughed and continued on my way, slightly worried that she might start chasing me down the trail...the women, not the dog.

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