Friday, June 13, 2008

30 minutes, French park trails, 3 miles+, sinisters
3 miles, track, Vibrams, 8:18, 7:57, 7:40

More caution tape!! Jon, Brian and I are either really bad course sweepers, or Adam is a very cautious RD. I went to FP again tonight for a short run on the wet trails. It had just rained/was raining so I had the park to myself. Someone had to go out and knock all the water of the trees, ya know?

I didn't want to do all my running in shoes today, so after 30 minutes on the trails I went over to the track for 3 more miles in the Vibrams. My running is feeling great right now, not a single ache or pain. It was raining pretty hard during my track run. Running in the rain with the Vibrams on feels nice.

After I finished my run and was stretching on the side of the track a guy walking on the track stopped and asked me about the Vibrams I explained how they strengthen your lower legs and teach you to run with a forefoot strike. Then he asked me how far I run. "100 MILES?" he said, then slowly backed away and started walking again. That's OK, I probably wouldn't believe it either if I hadn't done it myself.

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