Sunday, April 1, 2007

1.2 mile walk, 23 minutes

I was feeling more sore (Sorer??) than usual today. I guess my body isn't used to the 9:30 pace for 31 miles. I went for a walk at my parents house. I finally got the correct model of the Garmin Foreman 305 that I ordered a MONTH ago, So I was able to try that out. I went to the gym in the evening to do some stretching and lower body weight training. I am going to try to work in more lower body weights into my training, hopefully that will help the nagging injuries I have been suffering from. I am going to start my mileage build up for Mo this week. Starting at 65, going up to 90.


Mike said...


If you don't mind me saying a quick strength test of your legs as you start the lifting....I found out my right leg was way stronger than my left, and guess what....all my nagging injuries were on my left side of my now I focus a little more on that side as I lift. Just an are much younger than me, so maybe you haven't had enough time to get "lopsided"

Josh said...

Thanks alot for that advice. All of my nagging injuries are on the left side also! I will have to keep that in mind.

Rob "Buckeye" Powell said...

Great advice Mike. Adding the strength training I have heard much about. This is definatly what I needed to start as well.

Kim said...

I have started doing single leg presses instead of both legs. It is interesting to see how one leg is slightly stronger than the other. Then you can concentrate a bit extra on that leg.
(Gleaned from listening to a podcast interview with Scott Jurek.)