Friday, April 20, 2007

5 Miles, 9:24 pace

Back to a much more enjoyable pace today. Of course my legs were shot from yesterday. My calf's are all knotted up. It wasn't one of my better runs, but the weather was great and it was nice to be outside.

I found a great race to use as a tune up for Mo. It is the 24 Hour Adventure Trail Run in Triangle, Virginia. The race is next Saturday which is relatively short notice, but it fits into my random and compulsive training/racing schedule. The goal will be to run 70 miles. I will fly into D.C. on Friday morning and make the 35 mile drive to Triangle. I found a great deal through and there last minute travel deals. $250 for my plane ticket and rental car. Which I can afford on my poor college kid budget.

Another reason I chose this race is because it is part of the Trail Runner Trophy Series.
I want to see how many points I can rack up by the end of the year. So far I have completed three series events in the ultra division giving me 130 points (the website is not totally updated.)


Mike said...

Whackjob! I love it. You better tell me all about your plans for this race on I am getting ready to go at 321am for my WV 20k race!

Kim said...

I had thought about that race too, but didn't want to spend another entire weekend away from home (I had thought about driving down.) I think it will be a good training experience for you.